Updated: Thoughts On Major Winter Storm Next Week

1:30am Update:

I have just reviewed all the models from this evening. My thoughts from earlier have not changed. The Canadian and European model continue to show a major winter storm for the east coast including us right here in Eastern Kentucky. Others are not so impressive. I think Saturdy will be the do or die day for models to figure out exactly what is going to happen. I will keeping a close eye on this and will have another update early Saturday afternoon. Stay tuned.


While the snow was impressive as it fell Thursday night into Friday morning, the totals were all but. Much of the area fell within the 1-3″ category. It did make for a slippery morning commute though. Here is the map compiled by the National Weather Service with the storm totals.

Bitterly cold temperatures will stay with us tonight. Overnight lows will fall into the single digits. Some areas will see a little more cloud cover and that may help keep temperatures around 8-10°.

Current Temperatures

As we work into the weekend, the weather will be more on the calm, but cold side. We could see a few flurries around Saturday night into Sunday, but it shouldn’t be a big deal. Temperatures throughout the weekend will stay in the 20’s.

I have heard a lot of talk today about the potential for a MAJOR winter storm as we move into early next week. People have told me they have heard or read that we are going to pick up one or even two feet of snow. Let me say this. It is entirely too early to predict any snowfall totals with the storm next week. I truly have no idea why anyone would throw out any numbers at all. Here is the deal. We will see snow from Monday through Wednesday. How much is still in the air. Models are forecasting a major winter storm to form and move up the East Coast Tuesday and Wednesday. This storm will work its way to the north and east likely producing some significant accumulations somewhere up the coast. The exact track of this storm and the exact strength will mean the difference in us picking up an inch or two of snow or several inches of snow. Yes, some models are bringing a major winter storm our way. Some are suggesting it move far enough east to bring some snow, but less accumulation. Others show a weaker storm. So what does all this mean? Right now, all I will say is the possibility is there for a major winter storm but it is just that, a possibility. The model runs later tonight and especially Saturday will give me a better idea on what we may see. It will be this weekend before I will throw any forecast maps your way and even then, I will keep it straight to the point.

That is it for this evening. I will post a quick update late tonight with any changes in my thinking. A full update will be out Saturday.


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